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500 West Main St., #320 Lewisville, Texas 75057

Delivering Value to
Sponsors and CROs

Epic Clinical Research is a dedicated research site of multi-specialty physicians, conducting Phase I-IV research studies. We are pleased to offer a highly professional research team with a proven track record in clinical trials. Our mission is to satisfy all Sponsor and CRO objectives, from delivering the highest quality data to meeting and even exceeding enrollment goals in a timely fashion.

The key to our success can be found in our highly-educated and diverse corporate team, which remains intensely involved in all aspects of our clinical operations.

Epic Clinical Research Team


  • Fast, efficient start-up
  • Guarantee screening within a few days of Site Activation
  • Guarantee reaching enrollment caps
  • Real-time quality assurance
  • Automated near real-time EDC updates from e-Source

Multi-Specialty Site

  • Family Medicine/Gyn
  • Urology
  • Neurology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Dermatology
  • And More…

Instilling Trust in Study Participants

Interested in participating in a clinical research study that can make a positive impact on the world of medicine? Epic Clinical Research is excited to announce several new and ongoing clinical studies – and you may be able to join now, directly through this website. We also invite you to call us anytime, and a staff member will walk you through the sign-up process. All of our studies are FDA-governed and supervised by a qualified, licensed doctor… available to you throughout the entirety of your participation.

Epic Clinical Research

Operational Capabilities

Key Capability

Key Benefits

Electronic Source
  • Automated data integration with study EDC
  • Remote monitoring
  • 21 CFE Part 11 compliant
  • Real-time Quality Assurance with built-in edit checks
Stipend Cards
  • Automated stipend payment processing that enforces ICF compliance
  • Improved subject retention
Experienced Research Staff
  • Phase 1 to 4 research experience
  • Average staff experience of 4.5 years
  • Rave reviews and awards for quality from various Sponsors and CROs
Six Sigma Project Management
  • Drives on-time study startup
  • Check-n-balance approach ensures highest quality is maintained while maximizing study efficiency
  • Customized solutions applied to each study vs. standard fit-in-the-box solutions from competitors


  • Pre-screening commences at Site Selection vs. waiting for Site Activation like most sites
  • Integrated Text and Email Marketing with real-time automated subject enrollment for a selected study
  • Large social media presence with highly effective digital marketing capabilities
  • Automated HIPPA release and appointment reminders/confirmations
  • Numerous Sponsor and CRO recruitment awards for exceeding enrollment commitments

Meet Our Lead Investigator

Dr. —-

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